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Projects and Collaborations

All projects and collaborations are operating under the umbrella of Humans of Art, a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas. All donations will be tax-deductible to the extents allowed by law.

Claudio Arrau Teaching Legacy

This research project is aiming to explore the life and work of artists who where formed, at different degree levels, under the teachings of Maestro Claudio Arrau.

Climate Change Awareness

Activism through Art to promote awareness and action in protection of our planet.


A sponsored project by UNICEF, dedicated to reflect and celebrate the strength, resilience, contribution of women in the Arts.


A project dedicated to the performing, recording, editing and commissioning of Latin classical music.

Summer Festival at Nuernberger and Co: a community concert series.

A project in collaborations with New York City Council District 37 and 34.

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