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Feast of Music

Review and feature piece by Nick Stubblefield.

CT Insider: Interview

Interview for the project Earth Protectors together with composer Brian Field.

Interview by Abby Weiss.

Radio Popolare: Inteview for "Apertura Musicale"

Interview by Francesco Di Marco for Apertura Musicale on Radio Popolare.

Aired on July 27, 2016

Rai Radio3 Suite: Interview

Interview by Andrea Penna for Radio3 Suite. Conversation about the documentary Piano Lessons together with film director, Antongiulio Panizzi.

October 2021

Rai International: Interview for "Community"

Interview for the program Community aired on June 6, 2018.

Journalist: Simone Bracci.

Mott Haven Herald

Interview and review following the March 14, 2023 concert at the Pregones Theater in The Bronx.

Music and Stars Award Magazine.

The artist responds to questions posed by the editorial team as winner of the Honorable Mention for the debut album Elevation in the category of Best Piano Solo Albums of the Music and Stars Awards 2022.

CUNY TV - Interview for "Italics"

In this episode of Italics, the focus will be on two films: Antongiulio Panizzi’s documentary “The Girl in the Fountain”, and Francesca Khalifa and Antongiulio Panizzi’s project, “Piano Lessons, the Life and Art of German Diez Nieto”.

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