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A sponsored project by UNICEF, dedicated to reflect and celebrate the strength, resilience, contribution of women in the Arts.

Concert pianist, researcher and activist Francesca Khalifa developed the idea at the root of this project as a way to inspire a reflection on the relevance and strength of the feminine in our culture, which is still a reality where women and femininity navigate a biased and adverse world. Award-winning photographer Manuel Rusca brought to life the project immortalizing a diverse and expressive gallery of women identifying artists, all of whom are actively engaged in their communities on matter of social, cultural, racial justice. Journalist, researcher and writer Stella Schuhmacher has joined forces with Francesca and Manuel in selecting and engaging artists from a diverse range of disciplines and backgrounds.

The project’s culmination is a two-weeks to a month-long exhibition of the photo portraits, accompanied by a diverse range of performances involving some of the participating artists: music, marionettes, dance, readings, interviews and talks, all focused on the work and contribution of women in the Arts. All the proceeds from the sales will go towards supporting UNICEF - Child protection initiatives.

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