F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“her piano playing is uncommon among the new generation, usually technical, muscular and shaped to amaze the audience. [...] the introspection of her interpretation is convincing, as much as the subtlety and delicacy of the phrasing, the nobility of the musicianship. It is clear that behind those hands there is a cultured and sensitive person who doesn’t want to “use” the music to show off”.
Alfredo Di Pietro

"Khalifa intensifies the beauty of piano playing"

La Nuova Ferrara

E V E N T S​



Beethoven Fest New York City: Solo recital and opening remarks. Live stream and in-person (limited audience), St. John's in the Village.


June 2020. The artist became a sponsored artist of label Orpheus Classical for the production and distribution of her first album A legacy  (to be release in 2021).


April 2020. The artist's project BeethovenFest 2020 has received Fiscal Sponsorship from NYSCA (New York Foundation for the Arts). The project will be launched in December 2020 and the artist will serve as Artistic Director. More info at nycbeethovenfest.com

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